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‘Camley Street Series’ six paintings of varying sizes 20cm x 25cm to 20cm x 30cm. oil on linen, 2012 exhibited as part of Wild New Territories, Camley Street Natural Park, London, 2012

‘The Camley Street experience……., depended less on ornamentation and more on signposting the viewer’s involvement in a set of ecological relationships stretching way beyond the boundaries of the reserve itself….. a reminder of the sheer ecological pressure this green oasis has undergone lately in the shape of the construction of the Eurostar terminal and the new St. Martins campus in Granary Square. Ron den Daas’s, ‘Camley Street Series’, of oil paintings provided a telling commentary on this upheaval. Retaining the loose vigour of sketches, they portrayed the fragile wetland snared between canal, railway lines and road: JCBs, workmen in hi-vis jackets alongside piles of gravel, the St. Pancras clock tower glimpsed through bare trees, or narrow boats at dusk, geese touching down on the gloomy water.’

Michael Hampton on contrasting views of outdoor art ‘Human Nature’, Art Monthly December 2012 To read feature article http://www.wildnewterritories.com/Art%20Monthy%20WNT%20.pdf

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